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new_york_j_fletcher_design DRIBBBLE_J_FLETCHER_NYC_REBOUNDS

I’m not really sure where to begin talking about this one, or what to say, other than “something really cool happened.” Let’s start with a brief primer on Dribbble for all the non-designers out there…

Dribbble is essentially Twitter for creatives (graphic designers, web designers, illustrators, and so on). A global community of users post “shots” of whatever they’re working on for their followers to see, like, and comment on. Shots must be uploaded at a specific size and you only get a certain number of shots a month. There’s a bit more to the whole thing than that, but you get the gist.

Back in February I uploaded this shot of a logo I was working on for some folks up in NYC (the large “New York” image you see above). Shortly thereafter, “rebounds” (new shots meant to be a follow-up to the original) started pouring in from Dribbblers all over the world who were inspired to create an icon for their home city in the same style. From Charleston to Atlanta to Dallas to Los Angeles to Toronto to Paris to Barcelona to Moscow to all over the damn place. Even to some places I’ve never even heard of, I’m embarrassed to say. Give the whole list a look here.

To say this is all very flattering is an understatement… and it might not necessarily be accurate anyway. It’s just plain cool to see something so simple and seemingly insignificant take hold and inspire others to join the team. Rock on, world. You made my day  week month year.