2011 Print Regional Design Annual


I’m excited to have work appearing in Print Magazine’s 2011 Regional Design Annual – “the most comprehensive survey of graphic design in the United States, and the only design competition organized by geography.” (View the selected project in a bit more detail here.) It’s an honor to be included, and a double honor to share real estate with my man Gil Shuler’s mean “Battery 2 Beach” logo.

Thirty Three and a Third


Always a fun break from reality to be your own client on a project. I was pumped to be asked to contribute my take on an album cover for this year’s Thirty Three and a Third Art Show. Some pretty awesome stuff from some pretty talented designers this year, so be sure to take the full gallery for a spin.

Update: For the Love of Andrea


Over 1,500 For the Love of Andrea shirts have been sold, and the entire effort (shirt sales, fund raising events, etc.) has currently raised over $75,000 with no signs of slowing. To top it all off, Andrea’s getting better by the day. Fipping unreal. It’s amazing to play even a tiny role in such an unbelievably good cause. To get the latest on Andrea’s story or to buy a shirt, head over to fortheloveofandrea.com.

The Blog Log


I’ve been continuously pumped to have work featured on several of my favorite design blogs over the past couple months. Thanks to Fabien Barrel for the huge shout on Graphic Exchange, Brand New for the Celadon inclusion, Communication Arts for the Celadon Exhibit, Print Magazine for naming an oldie but goodie as their “Image of the Day,” and Design Work Life for the hat trick – ONE TWO THREE. Also honored to show up on fantastical design duo Eight Hour Day’s blog, “The Best Thing I Saw Today,” and to see the Poogan’s Porch website snag a Best Design award. To finish it up, the wifey has been beaming over her cameo on 100 Layer Cake.

Communication Arts Design Annual


The misses and I are both beyond pumped to see our wedding invitation suite included in this year’s Communication Arts Design Annual. A high enough honor as it is, but it’s doubly rewarding to have the inclusion be for something so personal.

For the Love of Andrea


Andrea Voss Vellinga was critically injured in the stage collapse that took place at the Indiana State Fair on August 13, 2011 and now lies in a hospital bed fighting for her life. More information on Andrea’s story can be found at fortheloveofandrea.com – a site set up by friends and family to provide updates on her condition and coordinate support efforts – along with a rapidly growing Facebook community.

Shortly after the accident, a mutual friend in Chicago got in touch looking for some tips on screen printing t-shirts, and a quick five inspirational minutes later I was on board to help craft something a little more customized.

The shirts are printed on “Black Heather” American Apparel 50/50 tees, and were generously turned around quickly by King Screen in Atlanta. Now available for purchase and shipping here, with all proceeds going directly to Andrea and her family.

Graphic USA comes to Charleston


Thanks to Charleston Magazine and writer Lauren Brooks Johnson for the Graphic USA shout…

“To truly sense the underground vibe of a city, you must eat, drink, and do as the hip locals eat, drink, and do. So who better to guide you through the country’s urban centers than the hippest of the crew? The publishers of this collection asked 25 top graphic designers to disclose their hometowns’ best places to indulge, imbibe, and pique your interest. Its contributors infuse the artsy book with personality, both through their first-person entries and their fresh designs for each chapter. Former Charleston staffer Jay Fletcher takes readers on a jaunt through Holy City faves: Trattoria Lucca, Out of Hand, Pecha Kucha, and Redux, to name a few.”

(Also really cool to be in the same Cmag issue as some other Charleston creative powerhouse pals, like Nathan Durfee, Robert Prioleau, Michael Moran, and the gals over at Stitch.)

Baggin’ bucks at the ADDYs


Charleston’s creative class showed up in realtree, orange, and antlers last Friday for the 2011 AAF Charleston ADDYs at the Charleston Rifle Club. When the bourbon ran dry and the gun smoke cleared, JFD proudly carried home six awards – four gold, a silver, and a bronze. For a better look at this year’s winners…


Charleston Peace One Day

Dean Watersports

Big Chef Little Chef

JFD Type Tee


College of Charleston Illustrations


Charleston Yoga Marathon

JFD on the cover of LogoLounge 6

Logo_Lounge_6_Cover GREENLITSCRIPTS_LOGO_LOUNGE_6 Charleston_Naturally_Logo_Lounge_6 IOA_Connect_Logo_Lounge_6

Was excited to get a copy of LogoLounge 6 the other day and see JFD work not only inside the book, but on the cover as well. Thanks to LogoLounge, and congratulations to GreenlitScripts, IOA Connect, and Charleston Naturally. Check out the book at your Barnes & Noble, or flip through a few pages and save some bucks over at Amazon.

JFD in 2010 Print Regional Design Annual


Was excited to have work chosen for the 2010 Print Regional Design Annual – hallowed ground in the design world, featuring “the best American design of the year.” Eye candy from coast to coast. A big congratulations and thanks to Charleston Naturally.

JFD on the cover of Communication Arts


Each fall the design world eagerly awaits the arrival of our coveted design annuals. This year I’m extremely proud to not only have work selected for inclusion in the 2010 Communication Arts Design Annual, but to also be represented on the cover. It may be a small piece of real estate, but you’d better believe I’ll be adding “appeared on the cover of Communication Arts” to my resume just as soon as we’re done here.

“The most prestigious competition for creativity in graphic design. Since 1959, Communication Arts has published the best in visual communications from around the world. To find the best work, CA sponsors creative competitions that recognize the finest talent in the industry. Winners are selected by juries of their peers and published in our must-have annuals.”

A huge thanks to CA and congratulations to GreenlitScripts on being one of 16 logomarks chosen for this year’s book.

JFD in Brand! Vol. 3


Was excited to get word today that several J Fletcher Design projects will be featured in Ooogo’s latest volume of Brand! alongside international industry heavyweights such as Duffy & Partners and Landor…

Brand! VOL.3 collected the highest level of brand identity launched anywhere in the world between January 2009 and February 2010, including new brand identity, the repositioning, revitalizing and design of existing brand, brand extension.

Brand! VOL.3 is the global resource for visual examples and case studies on effective brand transformations. Works came from multiple industries, including government and culture, fashion, technology and education, food catering, industry, and so on. Featuring over 400 outstanding brand identities and 2800 pictures from more than 30 countries, including the Brand Hong Kong, ADC YOUNG GUNS, and Sochi 2014. Top design offices featured include Alan Chan, Duffy & Partners, Landor, and hafelinger + wagner design.

Congrats to Charleston Naturally, New For Baby, Charleston Peace One Day, and GreenlitScripts. Brand! VOL. 3 (published in China and currently only available in Asia) goes on sale in Europe and North America this September. A few more images from the book can be found here.

Me + The Digitel + free shirts


The Digitel came knockin’ last week and we talked shop for a while – how I work, where I work, and what the future might hold. Big thanks to them for the fun interview and great write-up. Give it a look here. I’m proud to be one of Charleston’s creative neighbors. The Digitel is also hosting a J Fletcher Design “type tee” giveaway, so click here for your chance at a freebie.

Talking the talk


When I was a young boy and I began showing a serious interest in art, my mother called around looking for local creative professionals and eventually took me to visit the studio of a greeting card illustrator in the neighborhood. I can’t even begin to remember his name or what his work looked like, but I clearly remember thinking “wow, you can do this for a living. This can end up being my entire life.” And looking back, that was obviously the message my visit was intended to deliver.

When I was recently invited to speak about illustration and graphic design to the entire 5th grade class (180 students) at Summerville Elementary School, I’ll admit I had pipe dreams of offering that same tiny spark to somebody in the audience. I fear, however, that I gave no such inspiration.

The students clapped and sat poised with wide eyes and open ears as I took the floor, where I proceeded to babble about logos and posters and logos and clients and logos for about 20 minutes. Beads of sweat formed (those who know me know that I don’t deal well with attention, even from 10-year-olds) and I decided to abruptly change gears and lighten my load by turning the whole thing into a Q&A session. “Do you get nervous when you get big jobs,” one student asked. “Not nearly as nervous as I am right now, standing up here in front of you,” I responded.

Things quickly started looking up though. My forehead went from glossy back to matte and I was truly impressed with how thoughtful some of their questions were. Questions like “was it difficult switching from illustration to design” actually stumped me a bit, and made me think “I dunno… was it?” Of course there were some softball questions as well. One of my favorites was when a student asked my age, and I somehow instigated a screaming debate amongst the group as to whether 31 is young or old, with half the room yelling “YOUNG!” and the other half chanting “OLD!” Sounded a lot like the conversation I have in my own head on the subject.

All in all it was a great experience. I talked about some stuff I probably shouldn’t have, like how you have to draw naked people in art school (“ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww,” the kids bellowed), but I think I may have managed to utter a couple things they could relate to, and I’m hopeful that at least one future artist out there will always remember “the day that sweaty guy came to school.”



Big thanks to the Post and Courier for such a nice mention in yesterday’s paper. Give the story a look here. See you all at Marion Square this weekend for the Festival.